Collins White Circle -  An Identification Guide 


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By Number                                                                                                                                         By Author
50 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
- 1942: Not Numbered -

Unnumbered publishing order determined by Fly-By-Night

   A      Walsh,            J.M.                Kings Enemies             
   B      Rhode,            John                Death on Sunday 
   C      Hume,            David              Death Before Honour
   D      Brock,            Lynn               The Stoat         
   E      Gilbert,           Anthony          Bells of Death
   F      Rhode,            John                Death Pays a Dividend           
   G      Innes,             Hammond       Wreckers Must Breathe           
   H      Hume,            David              Make Way for the Mourners   
   I       Maddock,       Stephen           Spades at Midnight
   J      Mills,              Arthur             Jewel Thief
   K      Burton,           Miles              Death Leaves No Card 
   L      Holt,               Henry              Wanted for Murder
   M      Penny,             Rupert             Sweet Poison
   N      Burton,           Miles              Mr. Babbacombe Dies 
   O      Wallace,          Edgar              Calendar         
   P      Gray,              Berkeley         Mr Mortimer Gets the Jitters  
   Q      Cheyney,        Peter               Dames Don't Care 
   R      Maddock,       Stephen           Doorway to Danger
   S      Marsh,            Ngaio              Death at the Bar
   T      Marsh,            Ngaio              Overture to Death       
   A1      Farjeon,          Jefferson         Seven Dead      
   A2      Wakefield,       Russell H.      Belt of Suspicion 
   B1      Divine,            A.D.                U-boat in the Hebrides
   B2      Walsh,            J.M.                Secret Weapons             
   B3      Holt,               Henry              The Mystery of the Smiling Doll 
   B4      Gray,              Berkeley         Conquest Takes All
   B5      Marsh,            Ngaio              Death of a Peer           
   B6      Dunton,           James G.         A Maid and A Million Men 
   B7      Cheyney,        Peter               This Man Is Dangerous
   B8      Sanders,          C Wesley        He Packed a Gun 
   C1      Lorac,             E.C.R.             Death at Dyke's Corner      
   C2      Hume,            David              Five Aces         
   C3      Farjeon,          Jefferson         Aunt Sunday Sees it Through  
   C4      Reid,               Wallace Q.      Man from Peace River
   D1      Curran,           Tex                 Fighting Buckaroo
   D2      Tuttle,             W. C.             Turquoise Trail           
   37      Postgate,         Raymond        Verdict of Twelve        
   38      Rhode,            John                Death on a Boat Train           
   39      Leacock,        Stephen           Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town    
   40      Sharp,             Margery          The Nutmeg Tree        
   41      Innes,             Hammond       Attack Alarm   
   42      Hull,               Richard           My Own Murderer      
   43      Gunn,             Victor             Ironsides of the Yard
   44      Blake,             Nicholas         Thou Shell of Death  
   45      Meynell,         Laurence W.   The Creaking Chair

   46      Gray,              Berkeley         Vultures Limited          
   47      Digby,            George            Goose Feathers
   48      Niven,             Frederick        The Flying Years
   49      Connor,          Ralph              Sky Pilot 
   50      Stevenson,      Robert Louis   Treasure Island           

   51        Brophy,           John                
Immortal Sergeant 
   52        Bartimeus                               Steady as You Go                               
   53        Hume,             David              Crime Unlimited                                             
   54        Warren,           James              No Sleep at All 
   55        Burton,           Miles              Death Takes a Flat 
   56        Hull,               Richard           The Unfortunate Murderer      
   57        Penny,             Rupert             Policeman's Holiday
   58        Rhode,            John                The Bloody Tower      
   59        Cheyney,        Peter               Dangerous Curves      
   60        Gray,               Berkeley         Six Feet of Dynamite 
   61        Gunn,              Victor             Footsteps of Death     
   62        Keverne,         Richard           The Black Cripple      
   63        Maddock,       Stephen           Date with a Spy
   64        Walsh,            J.M.                Danger Zone
   65        Adams,           Herbert           The Knife
   66        Blake,             Nicholas         The Beast must Die
   67        Campbell,       Alice               No Murder of Mine    
   68        Farjeon,          J. Jefferson     Dark Lady      
   69        Gilbert,           Anthony          Vanishing Corpse       
   70        Holt,               Henry              Whispering Man         
   71        Lorac,             E.C.R.             Slippery Staircase      
   72        Rhode,            John                Night Exercise            
   74        Rame,             David              Tunnel from Calais 
   75        Maclennan,     Hugh               Barometer Rising
   76        Marsh,            Ngaio              Death and the Dancing Footman  
   77        Grose,             Helena            Rehearsal for a Marriage                  
   78        Gaye,              Carol               Wife in Uniform          
   79        Arnold,           Eloit                The Commandos 
   80        Curran,           Tex                 The Ridin’ Fool 
   81        Gunn,              Victor             Ironsides Lone Hand 
   82        White,             Ethel Lina       She Faded into the Air 
   83        Maddock,       Stephen           Gentlemen of the Night 
   84        Yore,               Clem               O’Malley in the Saddle          
   85        Gray,               Berkeley         Miss Dynamite 
   86        Cheyney,        Peter               Dark Duet       
   87        Farjeon,          Jefferson         The Judge Sums Up    
   88        Curran,           Tex                 Last Bullet      
   89        Walsh,            J.M.                Death at His Elbow    
   90        Rhode,            John                The Fourth Bomb        
   91        Brophy,           John                Spearhead 
   92        Gilbert,           Anthony          Something Nasty in the Woodshed 
   93        Adams,           Herbert           The 19th Hole Mystery
   94        Hume,             David              Heads You Live
   95        Sanders,          C Wesley        Wandering Cowboy 
   96        Marsh,            Ngaio              Colour Scheme 
   97        Cheyney,        Peter               You'd Be Surprised     
   98        Holt,               Henry              Calling All Cars
   99        Marshall,        Rosamond      Kitty
   101      Brock,             Lynn               The Stoat 
   102      Burton,           Miles              Death Leaves No Card 
   103      Divine,            A.D.                U-boat in the Hebrides 
   104      Gilbert,           Anthony          Bells of Death  
   105      Gray,               Berkeley         Mr Mortimer Gets the Jitters 
   106      Holt,               Henry              Wanted for Murder                             
   107      Hume,             David              Death Before Honour 
   108      Maddock,       Stephen           Doorway to Danger                           
   109      Maddock,       Stephen           Spades at Midnight                            
   110      Wakefield,       Russell H.      Belt of Suspicion 
   111      Dunton,           James G.         A Maid and a Million Men 
   112      Reid,               Wallace Q.      The Man from Peace River 
   113      Marsh,            Ngaio              Overture to Death                              
   114      Marsh,            Ngaio              Death at the Bar 
   115      Curran,           Tex                 The Fighting Buckaroo 
   116      Niven,             Frederick        The Flying Years 
   117      Marsh,            Ngaio              Death of a Peer
   118      Digby,             George            Goose Feathers 
   200      Burton,           Miles              Murder M.D. 
   201      Meynell,         Laurence W.   Dark Square
   202      Blake,             Nicholas         The Case of the Abominable Snowman
   203      Gilbert,           Anthony          The Case of the Tea-Cosy's Aunt 
   204      Lorac,             E.C.R.             Case in the Clinic 
   205      Gunn,              Victor             Ironsides Smashes Through
   206      Balchin,          Nigel               Darkness Falls from the Air
   207      Macdonald,     Philip              Murder Gone Mad 
   208      Mitchell,         Joseph             McSorley's Wonderful Saloon 
   210      Cloete,            Stuart              Congo Song 
   211      Cheyney,        Peter               The Stars Are Dark 
   213      Leacock,         Stephen           Literary Lapses 
   214      Shann,             Renee              24 Hours Leave                                  
   215      Sharp,             Margery          Stone of Chastity 
   216      Cheyney,        Peter               You Can't Keep the Change 
   217      Gilbert,           Anthony          The Woman in Red 
   218      Reid,               Wallace Q.      Bluewater Landing 
   219      Cheyney,        Peter               Dangerous Curves
   220      Thane,             Elswyth          From this Day Forward 
   221      Strong,            L.A.G.            All Fall Down                                                 
   222      Lorac,             E.C.R.             The 16th Stair 
   223      Leacock,         Stephen           Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town 
   224      Sharp,             Margery          The Nutmeg Tree 
   225      Arnold,           Elliot               The Commandos 
   226      Grose,             Helena            The New Sin
   227      Gray,               Berkeley         Blonde for Danger 
   228      Macdonald,     Philip              The Noose 
   229      Gilbert,           Anthony          30 Days to Live 
   230      Spring,            Howard           Shabby Tiger                                      
   231      Balchin,          Nigel               The Small Back Room 
   232      Campbell,       Alice               No Light Came On
   233      Warren,           James              Prowl No More Lady
   234      Grose,             Helena            The Morning After
   235      Penny,             Rupert             Sealed Room Murder
   236      Rhode,            John                Dead on the Track                              
   237      Hull,               Richard           And Death Came To                           
   238      Warren,           James              She Fell Among Actors                       
   239      Farjeon,          J. Jefferson     Room No.6
   240      Cheyney,        Peter               Farewell to the Admiral
   241      Ames,             Jennifer           Dark Sunlight
   242      Lorac,             E.C.R.             Death Came Softly
   243      Hume,             David              Dishonour Among Thieves
   244      Gray,               Berkeley         The Gay Desperado
   245      Cheyney,        Peter               Dames Don't Care 
   246      Ashton,           Helen              Yeoman's Hospital
   247      Kielland,         Axel                Live Dangerously
   248      Spring,            Howard           Hard Facts
   249      Twain,            Mark               The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
   250      Farjeon,          J. Jefferson     Green Mask
   251      Spring,            Howard           Rachel Rosing
   252      Burton,           Miles              The 3 Corpse Trick
   253      Cheyney,        Peter               Another Little Drink
   254      Howard,          Mary               Family Orchestra 
   255      Wallace,          Edgar              The Devil Man
   256      Carter,             Dyson             Night of Flame
   257      Caldwell,        Erskine           Tobacco Road
   258      Lorac,             E.C.R.             Checkmate to Murder
   259      White,              Ethel Lina       The Man Who Was Not There 
   260      Greig,              Maysie            Reluctant Millionaire
   261      Smith,              Shelley            This Is the House
   262      Gilbert,            Anthony          Death at the Door
   263      Ames,              Jennifer           Restless Beauty
   264      Cloete,             Stuart              Turning Wheels
   265      Haig-Brown,    Roderick         Timber
   266      Ross,                John                The Tall Man 
   267      Gray,                Berkeley         Cavalier Conquest
   268      Blake,              Nicholas         The Smiler with the Knife
   269      Shann,              Renee              Girl About Town
   270      Winch,             Evelyn            Mankiller
   271      Gunn,               Victor             The Dead Man Laughs
   272      Hume,              David              Too Dangerous to Live
   273      Pratt,                Theodore        Miss Dilly Says No 
   274      Rhode,             John                Men Die at Cyprus Lodge
   275      White,              Ethel Lana      They See in Darkness                         
   276      Reid,                Wallace Q.      The Doctor of the North
   277      Cheyney,         Peter               They Never Say When 
   278      Maybury,         Anne               A Lady Fell in Love 
   279      Adams,            Herbert           The Case of the Stolen Bridegroom 
   280      Greig,              Maysie            The Girl with a Million 
   281      Adams,            Herbert           The Writing on the Wall
   282      Gilbert,            Anthony          The Scarlet Button
   283      Lorac,              E.C.R.             Murder by Matchlight
   284      Farjeon,           J. Jefferson     The House of Shadows
   285      Shann,              Renee              Crossroads
   286      Hume,              David              Meet the Dragon
   287      Ermine,            Will                Cowboy Say Your Prayers
   288      White,              Ethel Lina       Step in the Dark
   289      Burton,            Miles              Early Morning Murder
   290      Edginton,         May                Favourite Wife
   291      Gray,                Berkeley         Convict 1066 
   292      Thane,              Elswyth          Queen’s Folly
   293      Cheyney,         Peter               Poison Ivy
   294      Ferrars,            E.X.                Murder Among Friends
   295      Hancock,         Lucy Agnes    Nurses Aide
   296      Tempski,          Armine von    Born in Paradise
   297      Smith,              Harry              Nine to Five
   298      Hull,                Richard           Left-Handed Death
   299      Lee,                  Ranger            Short Grass Range
   300      Marsh,            Ngaio              Died in the Wool
   301      Campbell,        Alice               With Bated Breath
   302      Edginton,         May                Experiment in Love
   303      Kielland,          Axel                Dangerous Honeymoon 
   304      Sharp,              Margery          The Flowering Thorn
   305      Walsh,             J.M.                Lady Incognito
   306      Smith,              Wade              Rattlesnake                                         
   307      Marshall,         Gary                Cottonwood Creek
   308      White,              Ethel Lina       Her Heart in Her Throat
   309      Lee,                   Ranger            The Valley Before Me
   310      Campbell,         Grace              Thorn-Apple Tree
   311      Farjeon,            J. Jefferson     The Third Victim                                
   312      Greig,               Maysie            Table for Two                                     
   313      Marshall,          Rosamond      Dutchess Hotspur
   314      Wynne,             Pamela            A Dream Come True
   315      Keyes,               Francis            The Safe Bridge
   316      Cheyney,          Peter               Dark Hero
   317      Marshall,          Gary                Guns of Arizona
   318      Smith,               Wade              The Battle at Black Mesa 
   319      Larrimore,        Lida                True by the Sun
   320      Maddock,         Stephen           Overture to Trouble
   321      Greig,               Maysie            The Dangerous Age
   322      Hume,               David              Heading for a Wreath
   323      Pratt,                 Theodore        Thunder Mountain
   324      Seifert,              Elizabeth        A Great Day 
   325      Meynell,           Laurence         Strange Landing
   326      Ames,               Jennifer           Lovers in the Dark 
   327      Spring,              Howard           Shabby Tiger
   328      Randall,            Rona               She Married a Doctor
   329      Sanders,            C.W.               He Packed a Gun
   330      Grose,               Helena            Rehearsal for Marriage 
   331      Anthony,           Norman          How to Grow Old Disgracefully
   332      Sheridan,          Clare               El Caid
   333      Hume,               David              Stand Up and Fight
   334      Walsh,              J.M.                Express Delivery
   335      Caldwell,          Erskine           Trouble in July
   336      Cheyney,          Peter               The Urgent Hangman
   337      Lee,                   Ranger            Rustler's Luck  
   338      Smith,               Wade              "B" Diamond Ranch
   339      Gunn,                James              The Tarnished Lady
   340      Shann,               Renee              Christopher's Wife
   341      Vernon,             Elizabeth        Come by Chance 
   342      Greig,               Maysie            Take this Man
   343      Moore,              John                Fair Field
   344      Gray,                 Berkley           Meet the Don
   345      Grose,               Helena            No Man's Bride
   346      Caldwell,          Erskine           House in the Uplands
   347      Cheyney,          Peter               Uneasy Terms
   348      Grose,               Helena            You Were Mine
   349      Shann,               Renee              Love and Learn
   350      Keverne,           Richard           The Lady in Number 4
   351      Mackinnon,     Allan               The House of Darkness
   352      Marshall,          Gary                The Prospector of Signal Mountain 
   353      Lee,                   Ranger            Red Shirt
   354      Smith,               Wade              Three Bar Cross 
   355      Grant,               Ambrose         More Deadly than the Male
   356      Marshall,          Gary                Buckshot 
   357      Taylor,              Angeline         Black Jade
   358      Innes,                Hammond       Snowbound
   359      Cheyney,          Peter               Dark Interlude
   360      Gray,                 Berkeley         Mr Ball of Fire
   361      Lee,                   Ranger            The Silver Train
   362      Smith,               Wade              The Red Steer
   363      Gaye,                Carol               Let's Get Married
   364      Greig,               Maysie            Castle in the Air
   365      Christie,            Agatha            The Hollow
   366      Maybury,          Anne               Only to Ask 
   367      Grose,               Helena            Brides Must Obey                               
   368      Franklin,           Charles           Cocktails with a Stranger
   369      Cheyney,          Peter               Your Deal My Lovely 
   370      Blake,               Nicholas         Minute for Murder
   371      Marsh,              Ngaio              Final Curtain
   372      Price,                Marjorie          Episode by Midnight
   373      Shann,               Renee              Third Party Risk
   374      Lustgarten,       Edgar              One More Unfortunate 
   375      Gilbert,             Anthony          Courtier to Death 
   376      Smith,               Shelley            Come and Be Killed
   377      Brahms,            Caryl               Trottie True
   378      Kelley,              Thomas P.      Famous Canadian Crimes
   379      Arnold,             Elliot               Everybody Slept Here
   380      Hume,               David              Requiem for Rogues
   381      Innes,                Hammond       The Killer Mine 
   382      Gaye,                Carol               Hot and Bothered
   383      Gray,                 Berkley           Killer Conquest
   384      Spillane,           Mickey           I, the Jury
   385      Marshall,          Gary                Big Smoke
   386      Lorac,               E.C.R.             Murderers Mistake
   387      Wynne,             Pamela            Stephanie
   388      Smith,               Wade              Wild Country
   389      Ames,               Jennifer           Florida Night 
   390      Grose,               Helena            Lovebound 
   391      Cheyney,          Peter               Dance Without Music
   392      Meynell,           Laurence         The Bright Face of Danger
   393      Marshall,          Gary                Guns on the Copper Trail 
   394      Shann,               Renee              The Heart in Spring 
   395      Lee,                   Ranger            Lawless Range
   396      Henderson,       James Leal      Whirlpool 
   397      Meynell,           Laurence         The Evil Hour
   398      Franklin,           Charles           Exit Without Permit
   399      Shann,               Renee              Whose Husband? 
   400      Stanley,             Edward           Thomas Forty 
   401      Gaye,                Carol               My Love and I
   402      Murray,             Max                The Voice of the Corpse
   403      Sea-lion,                                   Sea of Troubles 
   404      Hilton,              James              Without Armour
   405      Lorac,               E.C.R.             Part of a Poisoner
   406      Greig,               Maysie            Fear Kissed My Lips
   407      Shute,               Neville            An Old Captivity
   408      Innes,                Hammond       Maddon's Rock
   409      Blackmore,       Jane                The Square of Many Colours 
   410      Gunn,                Victor             Three Dates with Death
   411      Mcmeekin,       Clark               Gaudy's Ladies
   412      Hughes,            Isabelle           Serpent's Tooth
   413      Robertson,        Frank C.          The Sheriff of Union County
   414      Fox,                  Norman          The Devil's Saddle 
   415      Burton,             Miles              Devil's Reckoning 
   416      Shann,               Renee              Winter Week-End
   417      Ames,               Jennifer           Lips for a Stranger 
   418      Rogers,             Phillips           Stag Night 
   419      Edgar,               Keith               Arctic Rendez-vous
   420      Maybury,          Anne               Breath of Desire 
   421      Kendrick,          Baynard          Lights Out                                           
   422      Maddock,         Stephen           Exit Only
   423      Wentworth,       Patricia           The Case of William Smith
   424      Cheyney,          Peter               Try Anything Twice
   425      Lockridge,        R. & F.           Think of Death
   426      Christie,            Agatha            There Is a Tide                                   
   427      Johnson,           Victor H.        The Horncasters                                 
   428      Wills,                Chester           Blood on the Sage
   429      Smith,               Shelley            The Woman in the Sea
   431      Denison,           Merrill            Klondike Mike 
   432      Robertson,        Frank C.          Way of an Outlaw
   433      Sangster,           Margaret E.     Surgical Call 
   434      Innes,                Hammond       The Blue Ice
   435      Marshall,          Rosamond      Celeste
   436      Gunn,                Victor             Madhatters’ Rock
   437      Elsna,                Hebe               Midnight Matinee
   438      Loras,               E.C.R.             The Affair at the Marco Polo Club
   439      Maddock,         Stephen           East of Piccadilly 
   440      Cheyney,          Peter               Dark Wanton
   441      Mackinnon,      Allan               Map of Distrust 
   442      Gray,                 Berkeley         Duel Murder 
   443      Tracy,               Don                 Round Trip
   444      Howard,            Mary               One Summer Night
   445      Aitken,              Kate                Canadian Cook Book 
   446      Currier             Jay L.              Cargo of Fear 
   447      Edgar,               Keith               Murder She Said 
   448      Kirby,               Reginald         Dawn Journey                                    
   449      Lustgarten,       Edgar              Blonde Iscariot
   450      Blake,               Nicholas         Malice in Wonderland
   451      Garner,             Hugh               Storm Below 
   452      Stevenson,        D.E.                Kate Hardy                                         
   453      Allen,                Ralph              Maclean's Reader Anthology
   454      Archer,             C.S.                 Hankow Returns
   455      Cheyney,          Peter               You Can Call it a Day
   456      Sea-lion,                                   When Danger Threatens                    
   457      Franklin,           Charles           The Mark of Kane
   458      Fast,                  Howard           The Last Frontier
   459      Murray,             Max                The King and the Corpse
   460      Gielgud,            Val                  The Stalking Horse                             
   461      Howard,            Mary               There Will I Follow
   462      O'Farrell,          William          Thin Edge of Violence
   463      Smith,               Wade              Saddle Partners
   464      Heygate,           John                Kurumba                                            
   465      Gray,                 Berkeley         The Spot Marked X
   466      Summers,         Richard           Vigilante
   467      Garden,             John                All on a Summer's Day                       
   468      Lee,                   Ranger            Wolf on the Cactus                             
   469      Shann,               Renee              The Lady in Question
   470      Lorac,               E.C.R.             No Place for Murder
   471      Meynell,           Laurence         The Echo in the Cave                         
   472      Cheyney,          Peter               One of Those Things
   473      Archer,             C.S.                 China Servant
   474      Marsh,              Ngaio              A Wreath for Rivera
   475      Meynell,           Laurence         The Lady on Platform One                 
   476      Shann,               Renee              Lady in Love
   477      Lee,                   Ranger            The Claim Jumpers
   478      Christie,            Agatha            Crooked House 
   479      Pagano,             Jo                    The Condemned
   480      Burgess,            Eric                 A Knife for Celeste
   481      Smith,               Wade              Boss of the Diamond Cross
   482      Garner,             Hugh               Cabbagetown
   483      Waugh,             Hilary             If I Live to Dine 
   484      Stone,               Thomas           City Doctor
   485      Powell,             Lester              Spot the Lady                                      
   486      Gray,                 Berkeley         Daredevil Conquest 
   487      Calhoon,           Richard P.       Moving Ahead on Your Job
   488      Cheyney,          Peter               Lady Behave!
   489      Gaye,                Carol               Always Elizabeth 
   490      Whelton,           Paul                Flash-Hold for Murder
   491      Smith,              Wade              Montana Smoke 
   492      Maddock,        Stephen           Private Line 
   493      Blake,              Nicholas         Head of a Traveller 
   494      Franklin,          Charles           She'll Love You Dead
   495      Marshall,         Gary                The Old Breed
   496      Ballard,            W.T.               Murder Can't Stop 
   497      Mackinnon,     Allan               Danger by My Side
   498      Garve,              Andrew           No Tears for Hilda 
   499      Gilbert,            Anthony          Die in the Dark
   500      Randall,           Rona               Delayed Harvest 
   501      Gielgud,           Val                  Special Delivery 
   502      Howard,           Mary               Bow to the Storm 
   503      Walsh,             Jim                  Time to Kill
   504      Smith,              Wade              Hidden River
   505      Bonnett,           John                Dead Lion
   506      Murray            Max                No Duty on a Corpse 
   507      Randall,           Rona               Young Dr Kenway
   508      Garve,              Andrew           No Mask for Murder
   509      Lee,                  Ranger            The Ranch in the Canyon
   510      Cheyney,         Peter               Dark Bahama
   511      Maybury,         Anne               The Sharon Women
   512      Gray,                Berkeley         Seven Dawns to Death 
   513      Meynell,          Lawrence        Party of Eight
   514      Innes,               Hammond       The White South
   515      Brand,              Christina         Cat and Mouse 
   516      Montrose,        David              The Crime on Cote Des Neiges
   517      Garner,            Hugh               Present Reckoning
   518      Wills,               Chester           Shoot up at Two Rivers
   519      Smith,              Shelley            Man with a Calico Face 
   520      Snow,              Lyndon           Golden Future 
   521      Franklin,          Charles           One Night to Kill 
   522      Whelton,          Paul                Uninvited Corpse
   523      Christie,           Agatha            A Murder Is Announced
   524      Strong,             L.A.G.            Which I Never
   525      Ballard,            W.T.               Murder in Hollywood
   526      Lorac,              E.C.R.             Accident by Design
   527a     Gray,                Berkley           Operation Conquest
   527b     Lee,                  Ranger            Brothers of the Sage
   528      Aitken,             Kate                Lovely You
   529      Maclennan,      Hugh               Barometer Rising
   530      Howard,           Hartlay            The Last Appointment
   531      Robins,            John D.           A Pocketful of Canada
   532      Cloete,             Stuart              Congo Song 
   533      Saunder,          Hilary             The Sleeping Bacchus
   534      Birney,             Earle               Turvey
   535      Cheyney,         Peter               Ladies Won't Wait 
   536      Smith,              Wade              Below the Border 
   537      Digby,              George            Goose Feathers
   538      Marshall,         Gary                Hair Trigger 
   539      Montrose,        David              Murder Over Dorval
   540      Maclennan,      Hugh               Two Solitudes
   541      Christie,           Agatha            They Came to Baghdad 
   542      Franklin,          Charles           Maid for Murder 
   544      Innes,               Hammond       The Angry Mountain
   545      Wallace,           Edgar              The Devil Man


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