The Ottawa Book Collectors Programme of Upcoming Events

OBC Meetings 2017-2018


All OBC meetings, unless otherwise indicated, begin at 7:30 pm and will be held in Room 112, Fisher Park Community Centre. Lots of parking is available.

Meetings are generally held the first Monday of every month. Check the date to be sure.


250 Holland Ave.



Business Meeting and Round-Table

OBC members will report on and circulate a couple of samples of their book finds from over the summer months with an emphasis on how these fit into their avowed collecting interests and, to a lesser extent, expatiate on what they may have read in the same period.
September 11, 2017



Hallowe’en: True Life Ghost Stories

OBC member Mika Kocks will give a talk on the true life ghost story.

October 2, 2017



From Book to Movie, From Movie to Book

Pat Gibson discusses cinematic adaptationa (and vice versa) from her own collection. Other members are free to bring along their own contributions. What is your favourite movie book? Why?

November 6, 2017



The Ottawa Collection

Mr. Rick Turcotte will show the OBC some of the treasures from his collection of Ottawa material.
December 4, 2017




Finishing off the last of the Yuletide seasonal cheer, OBC members will present the books they received during the holidays (or books they gave themselves!) Tell us why it is an asset to your collection.
January 8, 2018



Some Canadian Women

OBC member Jason Byers will introduce members to some known and unknown, old and new, female Canadian authors. Potential canidates: Pearl Foley, Olive Knox, L. Adams Beck, May Agnes Fleming, Nelly Arcan and others.

February 5, 2018

MARCH 2018


Illustrated Book round table

OBC members will bring in one (1) "illustrated" book from their collection and introduce it to the others. Why is this book part of your collection?
March 5, 2018

APRIL 2018


Dr. Doolittle Books

This lecture, presented by Jim Jope, will provide a look at the Doctor Doolittle books, of which there are 12. (who knew?)
April 9, 2018

MAY 2018


Women in World War I and II

What were women doing, literarly speaking, during the wars? Ellen Derry and Charlene Elgee will eludicate.
May 7, 2018

JUNE 2018


Annual General Meeting & Book Swap

Our Annual General Meeting when suggestions for potential speakers will be provided, and a new executive elected. Some books may also trade hands.
June 4, 2018

Future Events:

Would you be interested in doing a presentation on some aspect of your own book collection with other members?

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