Blonde Beautiful and Blam!

Author: Brown, Carter (Pseudonym) / Yates, Alan G.
Publisher: Horwitz (1956)
Binding: Digest
Number: 17
Synopsis: Joe Dixon thought he was set for a new job until Bascomb told him he had been executive checked. And they did not approve. So Dixon hired the same detective agency to check on Bascomb's private life. The agency was run by a piece of blonde dynamite. She found out that Bascomb's life was blameless, but his wife's wasn't. So Dixon checked on the wife, and the guy she wasn't being blamless with and that led him right back to Bascomb's office and Bascomb. Only this time he wasn't talking to Dixon, he was a candidate for the morgue. That was fine, except that a lot of nasty people  thought he knew so much more than he actually did. The nasty people included the cops, the F.B.I., a brunette who was prepared to trade but anything for information. And the corpses kept coming his way. The basic trouble was there were so many beautiful dolls Dixon could fall for. But they all had him lined up as the fall guy.

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