Blueprints for a Blonde

Author: Brody, Marc (Pseudonym) / Williams, W.H.
Publisher: Horwitz Publications (1957)
Pages: 97
Binding: Digest
Synopsis: The showgirl whose act left every guy gasping could have told me plenty about the rocket tests---but the last time I saw her someone had forced her throat against a sword!
  So I had to interview the Professor and it seemed that the kidnappers had already done that...
  Luscious Carmen was willing to give me all she knew, but there were too many mysteries about this story... There was the man who met up with murder in a locked room, the guy who'd been left to drown, the blonde who was too scared to talk, the hoods who came straight from the Chamber of Horrors---and the Organisation which planned to control the rocket and the world.
  Brother---whoever said things were slow down Mexico way...

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