Desperate Blond

Author: Hale, Laura
Publisher: Beacon Books
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Type: Sleeze
Number: 171
Synopsis: Only this man could save her---if she played her cards right!  Marta's first marriage had been a colossal mistake, a blight which sullied her young life...and now she was running from it.  And from herself...for she was implicated in a desperate robbery, the "borrowing" of a small sum to free herself from the man she hated.
  But he was not going to let her go.  He had a power over her that she couldn't shake off!  Perhaps in this stranger she met, this man who called himself a private detective, she could find a way out...
 It would lead to danger, deceit---even to murder---for blackmail is an evil that breeds other evils!

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