Little Blond Exorcist

Author: Garrett, Samantha
Publisher: Publishamerica Ind. (2009)
Pages: 228
Binding: Paperback
Number: POD
Synopsis: Nyra Tebbs is a young exorcist trying to make her way in the world of the humans and the world of the demons. Along with her demonic boyfriend, Sammael, she tries to live up to her family's exorcism legacy and tries to deal with their ever scornful attitude towards their relationship. After receiving the gift of the third eye from her great-grandmother, she goes in the world saving the lives of the poor victims of possessions until she discovers the villainous plot to erase the human soul and replace them with demon souls, taking possession to a whole new level. Nyra along with her love, Sammael, must face off with a wile detective who has made it his mission to destroy Nyra. Together they face the demonic government cabinet: the Demoncrat Council. The souls of all the humans, both good and evil, depend on Nyraas victory over the council.

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