Death Dyed Blonde

Author: Reynolds, Stanley
Publisher: Quartet Books (2008)
Pages: 254
Binding: Hardcover
Synopsis: First there was the body of the thief. His throat was slit and there was a knife in the grass alongside him. Billy Zoots was lying on his back. His hair was bleached to a startling yellow. He had a number of rings in his ears and one in his nose and around his throat was a big red necklace ...
The peace and quiet of a suburban lakeside town in New England is morbidly disturbed by a series of killings that have the local police chief, Parker 'Boomer' Daniels, stumped. In his investigation he must open up his rural existence and explore the world of one of the victims, a Hollywood movie star. As Boomer continues on the killer's trail, he becomes more than a little intrigued by the movie star's gorgeous sister, while realising that all that has happened is not quite as it seems. It is, in fact, far more sinister

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