Wild Blonde

Author: Kelly, Jack
Publisher: Beacon Books (1959)
Pages: 155
Binding: Paperback
Number: B258
Synopsis: A Blonde dynamo, wild and tempestuous, seething intrigue.  A ruthless man-on-the-loose...all combine into a scorching story of white-hot passion that leads down strange, erotic paths.
 Hunted.....or huntress?  When lithesome Joan Lenning hired rugged Reagan Cuttrell for protection against evil threats of violence, little did she expect to find herself facing even viler threats of another nature---his.
 Outwardly she resisted his powerful advances like an angry tigress, while perversely tormenting and pursuing him in her own taunting way...while in the meantime, a lovely, tawny-skinned beauty was teaching him strange ecstasies with abandon even he had not known existed.
 Here is the gripping story of a man plunged into the bottomless well of his own uncontrollable passions.  Were the women his victime---or was he theirs?

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