Jane Blonde

Author: Marshall, Jill
Publisher: Pan Macmillan (2006)
Pages: 240
Binding: Paperback
Type: Childrens
Synopsis: This is a series of childrens books. Janey Brown was originally a very normal and boring student. Then one day, G-Mamma appeared at her school and told her that her mother was being held hostage on the roof of her uncle's bank. Janey Brown's life was turned upside down, and she now has 2 identities: Jane Blonde the spylet and Janey Brown the normal school girl.

Jane Blonde, a spylet for Solomon's Polificational Investigations, might fight the evil Sinerlesse Group. G-Mamma, her SPI:KE (handler or SPI Kid Educator), helps her with advice and by providing gadgets, the most important of which is the Wower, a shower-like transformation machine. Jane meets many other spylets, some of whom help her, some of whom betray her. She also finds out that there is no such person as Solomon Brown. He is actually her father, who she has never before seen in her life. It is found out that her best friend ariel(freddie) is the leader of the Sinerlesse Group. It is her teacher who writes those bad notes.
Notes: Jane Blonde: Sensational Spylet (2006)
Jane Blonde: Spies Trouble (2006)
Jane Blonde: Twice the Spylet (2007)
Jane Blonde: Spylet on Ice (2007)
Jane Blonde: Goldenspy (2008)
Jane Blonde: Spy in the Sky (2008)
Jane Blonde: The Perfect Spylet (2008)
Jane Blonde: Spylets are Forever (2009)

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