Real Blonde Stories

Author: Bassel, Lori
Subtitle: A Fun-Filled Collection of Zany Adventures
Publisher: iUniverse (2011)
Pages: 180
Binding: POD
Type: Humour
Synopsis: Lori Bassel is a testament to the old cliché, "blondes have more fun." In her collection of lighthearted essays, Bassel, a former Naples, Florida, bartender, pokes fun at her real-life experiences and shares many of the same stories she entertained her loyal customers with during her stints at local clubs.

Bassel begins by narrating her hilarious adventures from high school-a time when she and her best friend, Lisa, reveled in tormenting lovers at a local midwestern park. With steamed-over windows, the lovers never saw the girls coming as they hopped on the trunk, dashed over the top of the car, and down the hood-most likely scaring the couples in the car half to death. From the time she spray painted her boyfriend's old Chevy (without his permission) to the time she ran out of gas and had the entire cheerleading squad, dressed in uniform, pushing her truck down North US 41, Bassel shares one laugh-out-loud story after another.

Real Blonde Stories is a delightful collection of one woman's blonde moments in life, teaching both men and women to find the humor in every day moments

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