Blond Today Bald Tomorrow

Author: Weed, Stacy
Subtitle: Living Life with Alopecia
Publisher: Ginger Press (2012)
Pages: 350
Binding: Paperback
Synopsis: In 2007, Stephanie Weed, a beautiful, free-spirited teenager, had lived a generally carefree life when baldness became her reality. Diagnosed with alopecia--a skin disease resulting in hair loss--Stephanie lost her eyebrows, eyelashes, and eventually all of her hair. Both poignant and comedic, BLOND TODAY BALD TOMORROW, is the story of Stephanie's struggles as she learns to cope with being hairless for the rest of her life.Disaster struck freshman year when Stephanie's wig fell off while she competed in a varsity basketball game. Facing calamity head-on, Stephanie stepped back on the court and impressed the crowd with her grit and determination. Not letting baldness hold her back, Stephanie continued her high school basketball career wearing bandanas, attended prom, learned to surf, earned a full-ride athletic scholarship to Colorado State University, and eventually fell in love. This inspirational account of Stephanie navigating life as a bald teen is proof that courage can outshine even the most obvious flaws.

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