Boarding House Blonde

Author: Grant, Richard
Publisher: Knickerbocker Publications (1936)
Pages: 127
Binding: Digest
Type: Sleeze
Synopsis: This is the story of an ultramodern marriage which shows the demoralization and emotional disintegration which results from the attempt of two people to live independent lives punctuated by sometimes sordid, sometimes glamorous, extra-marital affairs.
  Richard made love to Miriam first, and found her willing.  then as a generous gesture he married her.  Never in love with her husband, Miriam accepts the freedom that Richard's liberal beliefs permit.  She has a steady progression of sweethearts and lovers and is restrained by no standard of decency, honor or good taste.  Richard, who hides his real character behind a cloak of cynical sarcasm, outwardly smiles at his wife's brazen indiscretions, but inwardly he is hurt and disgusted.

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