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Author Title Publisher Year
Gardner, Erle Stanley The Clue of the Runaway Blonde William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1947
Garrett, Samantha Little Blond Exorcist Publishamerica Ind. 2009
Garth, Jennie / Heckman, Emily Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde New American Library 2014
Gault, William Campbell The Sweet Blonde Trap Zenith Books 1959
Geha, Joseph Lebanese Blonde Univeristy of Michigan 2012
George, Peter Come Blonde, Come Murder Harlequin Books 1953
Gibson, Walter B. A Blonde for Murder Vital Publications 1948
Gilkes, Sue / Lamoon, Audra Blondes in Business Ecademy Press 2009
Gilmore, John Fetish Blonde Creation Books 1999
Glaser, Alfred B. Platinum Blonde Dollar Double 1962
Glinto, Darcy (Pseudonym) / Kelly, Harold Blonde, Cute and Wicked Moring 1956
Godey, John Blonde Betrayer Bestseller Mystery 1951
Goodis, David The Blonde on the Street Corner Lion Books 1954
Goodwin, Paul Blonde Ambition CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Gordon, Luther / Gross, George (Cover Artist) Wolf Trap Blonde Quarter Books 1948
Granlund, Nils Thor / Feder, Sid / Hancock, Ralph Blondes, Brunettes, and Bullets David McKay 1957
Gray, Berkeley (Pseudonym) / Brooks, Edwy Searles Blonde For Danger Collins 1943
Grimshaw, Beatrice Missing Blondes Invincible Press 1945
Hale, Laura Desperate Blond Beacon Books
Halliday, Brett (Pseudonym) The Blonde Cried Murder Dodd Mead & Co 1956
Halliday, Brett (Pseudonym) / Dresser, Davis Weep for a Blonde Dodd Mead & Co 1957
Hamilton, Anne A Blonde Bengali Wife Logical Lust Publications 2010
Hamilton, Greg Tall, Blonde And Evil Midwood
Hamlin, Bradley Mason / Hell, Lucy (Photographer) California Blonde Black Shark Press 2012
Handler, David The Shimmering Blond Sister Minotaur Books 2010
Hansen, Jim Michael Blond Run Thriller Publishing Group 2010
Harmel, Kristin The Blonde Theory Spot 2007
Hastings, Robert F. Back When Mary Alice Was Still a Blonde iUniverse 2010
Havens, Candace Dragons Prefer Blondes Berkley 2009
Hayes, Ernestine Blonde Indian Univeristy of Arizona Press 2006
Henderson, Lauren Too Many Blondes Hodder & Stoughton 1996
Hewett, Robert The Blonde, the Brunette And The Vengeful Readhead Currency Press Pty Ltd. 2007
Hobart, Robertson (Pseudonym) / Lee, Norman Case of The Shaven Blonde Robert Hale 1959
Holder, Nancy Domino Lady: Blonde Ambition Moonstone 2012
Holland, Marty Blonde Baggage Novel Library 1950
Hollander, Nicole I'm in Training To Be Tall And Blonde St. Martin 1979
Hollenbeck, Carol True Blondes iUniverse 2008
Holliday, Alesia Blondes Have More Felons Berkley 2006
Hollingsworth, Ray Dirty Blonde At The Cash Machine Kiss Production Ltd. 2006
Holt, Tom Blonde Bombshell Little, Brown and Company 2010
Hudson, R. Lofton Grace is Not a Blue Eyed Blond Word Books 1958
Hughes, Dorothy B. The Bamboo Blonde Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1941
Huntington, Jedidiah Vincent (Pseudonym) / Burdette, Charles Blonde and Brunette Or the Gothamite Arcady D. Appleton 1859
Ilyin, Natalia Blonde Like Me Simon & Schuster 2000
James, Brian Zombie Blondes Feiwel & Friends 2008
Janson, Hank Blonde Dupe 1954
Blonde on The Spot Gaywood Press
Take 2 Blondes 1967
Jason Blonde and Brunette Chapman & Hall 1941
Jewelya Blonde Rose and the Men Who Wandered Through Her Life Author House 2012

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