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Author Title Publisher Year
Johnson, Mike Blonde to the Bone Suncoast Pub. 2006
Johnson, Susan Blonde Heat Bantam Books 2002
Johnson, Terry Hitchcock Blonde Bloomsbury 2007
Jordan, Gail (Pseudonym) / Gaddis, Peggy Blonde and Beautiful Phoenix Press
The Wanton Blonde Knickerbocker Publications 1948
Justice, Lee B. Justice Is Blonde First Publishing 1994
Kaufman, Wolfe I Hate Blondes Simon & Schuster 1946
Kelly, Jack Wild Blonde Beacon Books 1959
Kent, Larry (Pseudonym) / Haring, Don Barely a Blonde Cleveland Publishing
Big Blonde Cleveland Publishing
Blackjack Blonde! Cleveland Publishing
Blonde Angel Cleveland Publishing
Blonde Angel Cleveland Publishing
Blonde for Benny Cleveland Publishing 1954
Blonde Indemnity Cleveland Publishing 1954
Blondes Can Be Bitter! Cleveland Publishing
Blondes Don't Bruise Cleveland Publishing
The Blonde's Stickpin Cleveland Publishing
Bottle Blonde Cleveland Publishing
Honey-Blonde Blues! Cleveland Publishing
One Live Blonde Cleveland Publishing 1954
The Reluctant Blonde Cleveland Publishing
Kerouac, Jack / Allen, Donald (Editor) / Creeley, Robert (Preface) Good Blonde and Others Grey Fox Press 1993
Kerr, Ben (Pseudonym) / Ard, William The Blonde and Johnny Malloy Eagle Books (Popular Library) 1958
King, Ray Bayshore Blonde TWN 2003
Kirby, Paul Honey Blonde King Cobra 1955
Knight, Adam Stone Cold Blonde Signet Books 1951
Knox, Dave Strike The Baby and Kill The Blonde Crown Publishing 2005
Krasney, Samuel A Mania for Blondes Ace Books 1961
Kruger, Paul (Pseudonym) / Sebenthal, Roberta Elizabeth A Bullet for a Blonde Dell Books 1958
Kuenne, Wilhelm Red-Hot Berlin Blonde Epic Books 1962
Kurzon, Peter Carolina Blonde Sacramento Press 1996
Kwitney, Alisa The Dominant Blonde William Morrow and Company, Inc. 2002
Lacy, Ed / Nappi, Rudy (Cover Artist) Blonde Bait Zenith Books 1959
Lambert, Lee Blonde For Danger Robert Hale 1980
Lankford, Terrill Lee Blonde Lightning Ballantine Books 2005
Lauren, Bill Blonde Danger News Stand Library
Burn, Blonde, Burn Imperial Publishing Co. 1962
Lawrence, Julie Blondes Don't Have All The Fun Paperback Library 1967
Leath, Robert Neal Blondes Play Too Rough William Godwin Inc. 1934
LeBlanc, Maurice The Case of the Golden Blonde Atomic Books 1946
LeBlanc, Maurice / Mattos, Alexander T. De (Translator) The Blonde Lady Doubleday 1910
Lee, Bourke Blonde Interlude Simon & Schuster 1932
Lerman, Eleanor The Blonde on the Train Mayapple Press 2009
Levine, Laura Killer Blonde Kensington Publishing 2004
Levitch, Rhonda Cooking for Blondes Champion Press 2002
Li, Li Blonde Hair. Black Eyes Under Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House 1991
Lifton, Betsy / Lifton, Karen Not for Blondes Only (Series) Scholastic 1992
Lillington, Kenneth An Ash-Blonde Witch Faber & Faber 1987
Lindholm, G.D. Blondes Love Black Arthur H. Stockwell 1968

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