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Author Title Publisher Year
Linz, Catie Mad, Bad and Blonde Thorndike Press 2010
Lofaro, Ellie Bonding with the Blonde Women Nexgen 2004
Loos, Anita Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Boni and Liveright 1925
Lorraine, Louis Blonde Dynamite Beacon Books 1961
Louw, Gail Blonde Poison Oberon Books 2013
Love, Courtney Dirty Blonde Faber & Faber 2006
Lowe, Barry Atomic Blonde McFarland & Co. 2008
Lox, Angela The Little Book of Blondes O'Mara Books 1999
Lustgarten, Edgar Blondie Iscariot Charles Scribner's Sons 1948
Lyle, Patrice Lethally Blonde Leap Books 2012
Lynford, Richard Sweet, Blonde and Ghoulish Action Comics 1956
Mace, Merlda Blondes Don't Cry Julian Messner 1945
Maclean, Robinson The Baited Blonde M.S. Mill/ William Morrow 1949
Madison, Bennett The Blonde of the Joke HarperTeen 2009
Mann, Calder Spin The Blonde New Chariot Library 1963
Marcy, Jean Dead and Blonde New Victoria Publications 1998
Marin, Arthur Blonde Hellcat Cameo Books 1957
Marlowe, Stephen Blonde Bait Avon Books 1959
Marshall, Jill Jane Blonde Pan Macmillan 2006
Marshall, Raymond Blondes' Requiem Jarrolds 1945
Martin, Don Blonde Menace Red Circle 1948
Martin, Nancy / Viets, Elaine / Swanson, Denise / Laurie, Victoria Drop-Dead Blonde Signet Books 2005
Matetsky, Amanda / Johnson, Kim (Cover Artist) Murderers Prefer Blondes Thorndike Press 2003
Mather, Victoria / Macartney-Snape, Sue The Party Blonde John Murray 2000
McDermid, Finlay Kiss the Blonde Goodby Bestseller Mystery 1943
McGill, Nicole Dumb Blonde Black Girl Author House 2011
McLeod, Ken (Pseudonym) / McIlroy, Kimball A Body for a Blonde Harlequin Books 1954
Meisceles, Lynn Blonde Chills Tide Dancer Publications 2009
Mercer, Ian / McLoughlin, Denis (Cover Artist) Epitaph for a Blonde Boardman 1960
Moores, DeSacia The Blonde Vampire Moffat, Yard and Co. 1920
Morac, Jules-Jean / Heade, Reginald (Cover Artist) Bertrand and The Blondes Leisure Library 1952
Morgan, Carol E. Blonde Ponderings Author House 2006
Morgan, Diana Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Berkley 1988
Morgan, Michael / Oehman, Len (Cover Artist) The Blonde Body Lion 1949
Morse, A. Hastings Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Dorrance and Co. 1938
Morton, Anthony / Creasey, John (Pseudonym) Deaf, Dumb, and Blonde Doubleday and Co. 1961
Mosley, Walter Blonde Faith Little, Brown and Company 2007
Munier, Paula On Being Blonde Fair Winds Press 2004
Myles, Daine The Blonde Efect iUniverse Inc. 2012
Nelson, Sue / Hollingham, Richard How To Clone The Perfect Blonde Quirk Books 2004
Nimes, Suzanne de Blonde Orion Publishing Group 2006
Nolte, R.S. Assignment Blonde Run 2012
Noose, Melita Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Stanley Paul 1926
Oates, Joyce Carol Blonde Fourth Estate 2000
O'Connell, Richard (Translator) / Graham, Rigby (Illustratior) Blonde Etan Cog Press 1976
O'connor, Patrick The Amazing Blonde Woman, Dietrich's Own Style Bloomsbury 1992
O'Kane, Sean Blonde Fury Silver Moon Books 2013
Oliver, Ralph Big Blondes Novel Book 1963

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