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Author Title Publisher Year
Olley, Michelle Blondes Carlton Books Ltd. 2002
Olsen, Greta Inge Natural Blondes Headline Publishing Group 1998
Olson, Toby The Blond Box F2C/Black Ice Books 2003
Oregel, Ernesto Blond Angels Author House 2008
Ormerod, Jayne The Blond Leading the Blond Avalon Books 2011
Oursler, Will Bullets for a Blonde Lawrence E. Spivak 1947
Palmer, M. Earle The Bare Blonde Bee-Line Books 1967
Parker, Dorothy Big Blonde and Other Stories Penguin 1995
Parsons, Barbara P. A Blonde in The Works Bunim & Bannigan Ltd. 2008
Peters, Bill (Pseudonym) / McGivern, William Blondes Die Young Dodd Mead & Co 1952
Phillips, Max Fade to Blonde Hard Case Crime 2004
Phillips, Samantha Blonde Ambition Century 1996
Pitman, Joanna On Blondes Bloomsbury 2003
Potts, Joey A Blonde Goes to the Other America Xulon Press
Procter, Maurice Homicide Blonde Harper & Row 1965
Quentin, Patrick / Northcross, John (Cover Artist) The Fate of the Immodest Blonde Pocket Books 1950
Ramsey, Sara Scotsmen Prefer Blondes Sara Ramsey 2012
Ravenscroft, Terry James Blond: Stockport is Too Much Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. 2011
Redding, Chris Blonde Demolition Imajin Books 2011
Redgrove, H. Stanley / Foan, Gilbert a Blonde or Brunette? Heinemann 1929
Reeve, Christopher The Toasted Blonde Collins 1930
Reever, Seth The Little Blond Mascot Star
Reinsmith, Richard The Blonde Target Tower Publications Inc. 1980
Rejto, Jeno / Farkas, Istvan (Translator) / West, Elisabeth (Translator) The Blonde Hurricane Corvina 2003
Remi, Philippe De / Lincy, M. Le Roux De (Editor) The Romance of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan of Dammartin The Camden Society 1858
Remi, Philippe De / Sargent-Baur, Barbara (Translator) Manekine, John and Blonde, and "Foolish Generosity" Pennsylvania State University 2010
Resnick, Laura A Blonde in Africa Alexander Press 1996
Reynolds, Stanley Death Dyed Blonde Quartet Books 2008
Richards, R.P.J. The Blonde Goddess Ken-Pax 1948
Roberto, Nelsa Illegally Blonde Great Plains Publications 2010
Rogers, Angela Memoirs of a BBH (Bodacious Blonde Housewife) Lulu 2011
Rollins, Eugene C. Grace Is Not a Blue-Eyed Blond Author House 2008
Roos, Kelley Requiem for a Blonde Dodd Mead & Co 1958
Roos, Kelley / Kalin, Victor (Cover Artist) The Blonde Died Dancing Dodd Mead & Co 1956
Rudd, Alyson Astroturf Blonde Headline Publishing Group 1998
Rusin, Jean Marie Long Silky Blonde Girl Author House 2011
Saber, Robert O. The Affair of The Frigid Blonde Handi-Book 1950
Sanborn, B.X. (Pseudonym) / Ballinger, William S. The Blonde On Borrowed Time Zenith Books 1960
Sanders, Bruce Blonde Blackmail Herbert Jenkins 1945
Sarto, Ben Diamonds for a Blonde E.T.H 1958
Savage Jr., Jim Allen The Blonde Heathen Naylor Company 1951
Schultz, Emily The Blondes Doubleday Canada 2012
Scott, Kieran I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader G. P. Putnam's Sons. 2005
A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love Putnam Juvenile 2007
Scottoline, Lisa Dirty Blonde HarperCollins 2006
Seeley, Mabel The Blonde with the Deadly Past Mercury Mystery 1954
Semple, Gordon (Pseudonym) / Neubauer, William A. Blonde Temptress Croyden
Semple, Gordon (Pseudonym) / Neubauer, William A. / King, Waren (Illustratior) Waterfront Blonde Designs Publishing 1953
Serros, Michele Honey Blonde Chica Simon Pulse 2006
Seton, Gerald Blonde Dynamite Phoenix Press 1941

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